t2g: text to gbrowse

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This generates a gbrowse annotation file from a table. The simplest method is probably to copy and paste from Excel. To use;
1. Generate a table of annotations in Excel. Columns should be:
  • Column A: Name of an item
  • Column B: Reference - This is the feature relative to which positions are numbered. Chromosomes, cosmids and gene names work.
  • Column C: Left end of feature.
  • Column D: Right end of feature.
  • Column E: Comments.
  • 2. Copy and paste the table into the box above.
    3. Set track name and color options and submit
    4. Save the result as a text file (default on many browsers). The result can be uploaded for viewing in wormbase gbrowse.


    hi lin-14 -100 -200 this is one fragment
    hello lin-14 -300 -500 this is the second fragment
    hmm lin-14 10 -50 this is the third fragment